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Special Thanks: Take 5 Cafe. Take 5 got in touch with me and said, "We would like to advocate for Joel's Place." We have a nice display set up in their coffee shop located in the Artisan's Courtyard off College Road. Stop by to check it out some time.

Friday, December 12, 2014


     Hey...guess what we're doing on Saturday?  We get to officially open our outdoor snowpark!  Joel's Place offers a lot of great indoor options during the winter: skateboarding, BMX biking, scootering, concerts, free food, games, art, crafts and more.  It does a lot for our kids to be able to run and play during the long, cold winter months.  But there is something that Alaskan youth are missing if they are always indoors during the winter.  We are built for the cold and the snow.  This state tests the limits of what the human spirit can accomplish and that is the exact mentality of our members.  We now have winter outdoor recreation options and I could not be more excited about the prospect.  We will have ramps and rails that our kids can ride their snowboards or snowskates or sleds down...whooping and hollering all the way.

     Wait.  What's that?  You have never heard of snowskating?  You've heard of snowboarding and iceskating and skateboarding...but never snowskating?  Well consider yourselves planted onto the cutting edge of winter sports youth popular culture.  Imagine skateboarding on the snow...with no wheels...but without your feet strapped onto the deck like snowboarding.  Imagine the jumps and spins and grinds and flips of a skatepark...only covered in ice and snow.  The feel of a snowboard but with the control of a skateboard.  This is snowskating...now available at Joel's Place.  Where can you find a snowskate to purchase for this amazing activity, you ask?  Snowskates now available at the Joel's Place Ride Shop.

     We have a number of community supporters who have come alongside us to make this park happen.  Dan Cook and Josh Poe from Gripall have spearheaded the entire project, carving out hours from their schedules to help plan and build the park while putting this event on.  We are really grateful for those guys and eager to see how this new option changes Joel's Place.

     Feel free to swing by on Saturday the 13th between 4-8pm to see the new area...It will be the fenced in spot with music and food and a bonfire and a steady stream of whooping teens flying down the snow-covered ramps.  Hope to see you there.